What Are The Secrets To Layering Jewelry?

This is a question that my clients constantly ask me. Jewelry layering is a wonderful way to express your personal style and collect and mix pieces that you love. Read on for some helpful tips!

The Art of Layering

  1. Begin with necklaces of different lengths. Using various lengths will help avoid clustering and tangling.
  2. While you can start with two necklaces,  3 to 5 pieces are more likely to  result in maximum impact. 
  3. Utilize extra long necklaces. You can even wrap a longer piece twice to create an additional tier. 
  4. Layer the same necklace in different graduating sizes
  5. Combine Textures for a Boho look. Create the ultimate cool boho vibe by combining matte with shiny, chains with varying links, pearl or beaded necklaces with chains.
  6. Layer a statement choker with gold medallions and chains with a variety of charms - a great way to personalize your statement!

Layer with Different Colors of Gold

Don’t be afraid to mix colors: yellow gold with white gold, rose gold with yellow gold, blackened gold with yellow gold. And for a “high-low” look, combine silver with gold. The sky’s the limit!

Create a Chic and Edgy Look

  1. Start with finer pieces on top and graduate to the chunkier, longer pieces.
  2. For those longer lengths, a lariat can be a super cool option as well.
  3. Combine a choker with a dainty diamond necklace or a dainty enamel piece with a chunky charm necklace
  4. Varying lengths of micro faceted and ever-so-sparkly gemstones scattered with gold bits (discs or nuggets).
  5. Last but not least, don’t hesitate to layer up your rings and bracelets as well!